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The unique character of the firm is in our ability to provide comprehensive solutions and wide range of services to fit our clients’ needs in the following areas:




We provide our clients with a full and comprehensive service from the initial stages of research and program design, choosing the best alternatives, layouts, planning and details design, choosing finishing and materials, and provide supervision and inspection during the construction process.
Our firm is well known as a producer of high quality shop-drawings and detailed design of items to be implemented in the buildings. In addition, we provide personal guidance to contractors working on site during construction.
We provide computerized imaging services for in-house projects as well as for special orders.


Aviation Our office provides unique professional services in all areas of planning, design and management of airports and heliports, for which we are in a continuous contact with experts of all consulting areas at the leading companies here in Israel and abroad.
We also provide professional services and expertise for carrying out Aeronautical Studies and Risk Management and provide solutions for non-conforming cases for the approvals of the appropriate authorities.
We provide design services for obstacles marking and lighting and for airports facilities.

Interior Design Shafrir Architects see the internal space of a building just as important as its structural host, working to achieve creative solutions to client’s briefs from a design concept to completion. Integrating our experience in various disciplines and coordinating other service providers to achieve a high quality finished environment.
Interior design services at our office in Israel and in London are provided in coordination with the requirements of customers either in dedicated interior projects or as an integral part of a large architectural projects, taking into account the entire spatial characteristics of the building and its interior spaces.
One of our advantages is in our personal approach in finding solutions, selection of materials and accessories, accompaniment at the site, design of furniture and lighting fixtures according to customer requirements to the final completion of the project.


Environment &
Urban Planning

We have broad experience in urban planning, in planning coordination and facilitating of projects. Our special expertise is in land use, planning and control, aiming to reduce the negative effects of aviation activities on the environment.
We provide consulting services and environmental studies in connection with aviation activities, airplane noise, air quality and bird hazards in aviation.
Our consulting services are intended for airline companies, airport operators, planners and local authorities.